Saturday, January 19, 2019

Chinese New Year Eve 2019 Celebrations

Chinese New Year Eve 2019 CelebrationsTraditionally Chinese New Year is celebrated with close friends and family, and celebrations last for days together. In Chinese tradition, special importance is attached to New Year’s Eve, the most predominant feature of it being the Reunion Dinner.

All the members of the family are expected to attend the dinner which is normally held in the house of the eldest member of the clan.

For days up to the Eve, the households are given a thorough spring cleaning. Remember, Chinese New Year celebrations are also Spring Festival for them! But no cleaning is done on the auspicious days since it is believed to sweep out good vibes. Fresh coat of paint is applied to the homes, especially with splashes of red which signify good fortune.

On the Eve, or families practicing Buddhism or Taoism, worship alters are weaned off year-old decors and given a new look. Some families go and visit temples and light an incense stick to offer prayers. As the feasting commences, a thanksgiving prayer is made for an easy transit from one year to the next and to pay homage to the ancestors.

Now for the dinner – a plethora of food items served is a symbolic hope for prosperity. Some food are considered lucky – like fish, oranges etc. A glutinous New Year cake is made and pieces are sent to family and friends wishing them happiness and prosperity.

Firecrackers are traditionally burnt with closed doors and windows, which are opened the next day to let in good fortune. In modern times, however, parties are held where countdown to New Year is made with pomp.