Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Chinese New Year 2019 SMS

Chinese New Year 2019 Messages
In the Chinese culture, the New Year is the time for celebrations and happiness, the arrival of spring and with it great abundance. Convey your heartfelt New Year wishes to your friends and family on the occasion of the Chinese New Year this year.

Be it friends, family or colleagues, we have for you the choicest collections of meaningful new year sms messages that not only send across your love and best wishes on the occasion of New Year, but also express the fact that you care about them a lot and would like to make it known.So just flip through our collection and let the messages start flowing.

Chinese New Year 2019 Messages

zhù nǐ/nín dà jí dà lì (Wishing you Good Luck and Profit on the New Year)

zhù nǐ/nín shēntǐ jiànkāng (Wishing you good health this New Year)

zhù nǐ/nín xiàokǒu chángkāi (Here's wishing that the year keeps you smiling)

zhù nǐ/nín shìshì rúyì (Wishing that everything goes according yto your wishes)

zhù nǐ/nín wànshì rúyì (Here's wishing that all your dreams come true)