Monday, January 21, 2019

Chinese New Year 2019 Flowers

Chinese New Year 2019 Flowers
Chinese New Year is also their Spring Festival or Harvest Festival and is considered the greatest occasion of festivity.

No wonder there is nothing subtle or mellow about Chinese New Year parties! Right from grand feasting to bright red clothing, from lantern festival to parades, from dragon dance to firecrackers – you have it all in a Chinese New Year party!

Chinese New Year celebration is full of colors. And what could be more colorful than flowers?

They bring aspiration and wish for a prosperous, peaceful and trouble

Peach Blossom – These soft pink blossoms are staples in decorating for Chinese New Year parties since they represent health and longevity.

Narcissus – The fragrant Narcissus with its lovely hues of yellow and wild are like a golden cup on a silver stem symbolizing prosperity and good fortune.

Sunflower – Gaiety and color are crux of Chinese New Year celebrations, and a bright fresh sunflower is the best way to represent smile and happiness all through the year.

Bamboo – For the Chinese, bamboo personifies integrity, dignity and mental strength – something that everyone would look forward to in a gentleman. Bamboo is considered good luck any time of the year.

Pussy Willow – The fluffy white delicate blossoms bloom in multiples in a branch symbolizing abundance. The blossoms soon pave way for jade green shoots that brings hope for growth.

For the Chinese, flowers bring luck, hope and promise for better tomorrow making them an integral part of the Chinese New Year celebrations