Sunday, January 20, 2019

Chinese New Year 2019 Facts

Chinese New Year 2019 Facts
Chinese New Year has its traditions deep rooted to ancient civilizations, history and mythology. As such, there are many interesting facts entwined with it that have origin in folk-lores and ancient beliefs.

At the end of the year the Chinese pay tribute to the Kitchen God. They burn paper cutouts of Kitchen God as it is believed that the Go will travel up along with the fumes to Emperor Jade in the Heaven and tell him how the family has behaved in the bygone year. Some people smear the God’s lips with sweet things so that He speaks good things about them.

The family stays awake together till the midnight to wish each other Happy New Year after the Reunion Dinner on the Eve. This practice is known as Shou Sui.

Shooting firecracker and making loud noises are believed to ward away all that is old and evil.
Doors and windows are closed on the Eve in Chinese households to be opened only in the New Year to welcome the positive vibes.

New Year Greetings are conveyed often by shouting auspicious phrases while negative words are not uttered during the whole fifteen days of celebrations.